A few of my favorite things: Home edition

I’ve been researching blog articles with affiliate marketing links so that I can plagerize, but they all suck and require way too much effort to strip out their links to put in my own.

See, I’ve been avoiding my own thoughts and my own voice. I don’t know why. But I figure people wouldn’t really be intrested in my own thoughts. And you’re probably not, but I’m going to do this anyway.

I’m semi-retired. I haven’t figured out how to support myself for the rest of my life, but I know I’m never going back to a cubicle (even though I was so good at it). I’m determined not to make another person another dollar when I don’t make $2. That’s my motivation.

With that, I bring you a list of a few of my favorite things. Leggo.

Strangely I’m going to start out with a product that’s in my Amazon cart, but I haven’t actuallly purchased yet. Its a roll-on clay mask.

You wouldn’t know it now, but I was a bumpy bump face kid. Acne for days, even well into my 30s, until I started paying attention to ingredients and using more natural products. 2 things I love is 1) clay and 2) ease. I’ve been coveting this mess-free roll-on mask since I saw it on someone else’s blog. The concept is genius!

At the start of every rehab project, my partner assembles his standard tool must-haves. Along with new #2’s, drywall screws, and various anchors he ALWAYS gets a two-pack of these IRWIN one handed clamps. I’ve seen him use them on cabinet hanging, complex corners and even roof-top decks. They get a lot of use and eventually we lose or destroy them one by one, so the inexpensiveness of it all makes it easy to grab another set for each project.

I jumped on the plant-murdering bandwagon a few months ago. A friend put me on to this moisture/light/ph tester and I haven’t slaughtered a plant baby yet. It keeps me honest and now I’m able to talk to my babies without drowning them. That’s progress!

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